A Meditation to the Planet

Today I woke up in the dark before the dawn to find the planet very fearful. I woke up and discovered that bullies reign and that people, good people, like having their emotions manipulated.

May these people find peace and safety in the ownership of their own emotions.

Today as the sun rises, others wake up to a toxic environment of narcissism, where individual people have ruptured like broken nuclear reactors, demanding unequivocal attention but unable to be reached by other human beings.

May people find enlightenment in the serenity and stillness of the divine mind.

Today as the world awakens to the threat of a despot and begins to feel less safe in their own homes, and the desire to hold children closer than ever grows in our hearts, may we find courage within our hearts. May we learn to let go of our attachments to old selves, old ways of thinking, being and doing. May we stand strong in our families, and shelter those in need.

May the sun nourish us and let us flower in the starlit darkness. May we be a united planet that knows no boundaries through our love and prayers, our kindness and our actions.

May we be known as planetary citizens, bound together in love, nestled, cradled in the infinite hands of a velvety night. May the stars bloom in the darkness on Earth. May we sleep well tonight, and awaken to a brighter day tomorrow.

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