Yellow Cosmic Star

My goodness I’ve done a lot of work lately!  From to emails and getting The Co-Creator ready for the launch party, it’s been a constant stream of activity.  My article with Nicole of the Manitoba Earthship build will be printed by the EcoNetwork’s EcoJournal this summer, which is exciting!  The Co-Creator’s launch party is coming up on May 20th at 3 PM at Sam’s Place, which is at 159 Henderson Hwy.  Gerhard and Justin will be there talking about their communities.  Ploughshares has been the first organization to make a donation to The Co-Creator cause, as well as Jay Horton, who pulled money out of his pocket when I told him what I was doing.  More connections were made at the NatureSummit AGM, where they presented me with a thank you card.

Please, check out the website I have been working on,!

Updated 4/22/2017:  The address of Sam’s Place was corrected to 159 Henderson Hwy.

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