Questions about God

Arthur asked a big question last night.  ‘Who is God?’  I smiled and said that’s a great question and a really big question too.  

I also suggested that maybe the question isn’t ‘Who is God?’, but ‘What is God?’.  Now, instead of trying to personalize it into a small human relation, it can be kept more conceptual.  This is where I said almost the same thing I said to my oldest son when he was about 9, many years ago.

“Son, God is everything.  God creates everything.  God is the stars in the sky, the sky, the sun and the warmth you feel from it.  God is the water you swim in and it’s wetness.  God is the air and the breath of wind on your skin, and the grass beneath your feet.  God is everything.”

I had also mentioned a little about religion and how it is often a way for different people to understand God.  But at this point, it’s important to keep things simple.  I like keeping answers to big questions big, yet simple. 

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