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Questions about God

Arthur asked a big question last night.  ‘Who is God?’  I smiled and said that’s a great question and a really big question too.  

I also suggested that maybe the question isn’t ‘Who is God?’, but ‘What is God?’.  Now, instead of trying to personalize it into a small human relation, it can be kept more conceptual.  This is where I said almost the same thing I said to my oldest son when he was about 9, many years ago.

“Son, God is everything.  God creates everything.  God is the stars in the sky, the sky, the sun and the warmth you feel from it.  God is the water you swim in and it’s wetness.  God is the air and the breath of wind on your skin, and the grass beneath your feet.  God is everything.”

I had also mentioned a little about religion and how it is often a way for different people to understand God.  But at this point, it’s important to keep things simple.  I like keeping answers to big questions big, yet simple. 

Where Peace and Liberty meet

Today I was at this location, and while I might be able to see that some people might think it’s desolate, I found it fertile.  STOP for a moment, and look around.  Inhale.  Breathe the rural air.  Take responsibility and don’t dump.  Of all things, responsibility is needed at this juncture.  They all go together.  And celebrate the magnificience of this planet.

HIIT Yoga – Day 2 & Day 3

Day 2 of HIIT yoga
I went into Day 2 with the expectation that I would be doing something similar to Day 1.  Well, HIIT alternates.  Day 2 was a rest day.  However, it still hurt!  The relaxation stretches were deep and opening of my lower body.  Man it feels good! 

Day 3 of HIIT yoga
Today I was expecting a more intense workout, and I wasn’t surprised by it.  There are still asanas and reps that I can’t maintain. It will take some working into them, which is cool.  It forces me to be proactive and to push myself.  I forgot that I need water less than 10 minutes into it.  I gotta remember that for Friday.  My knees and hips don’t hurt like they did yesterday or Monday, which tells me I am getting used to the intensity!  There is also a smoothie recommended, so I am going to see what I can do about that. 

It was a great session again!   I’m looking forwards to tomorrow!

Upcoming Workshops

Starting in Spring 2016, I will begin running workshops and lectures where attendees can learn more about ecovillages.  We will be talking about the ideas and values that bring people to create community that is closer to nature, what goes into the planning and some of the important elements that go into their creation.  In some workshops I also hope to explore concepts like permaculture and how it can bring human habitation into balance with nature.

I will bring these workshops together to culminate this September at NatureSummit.  NatureSummit is a retreat for educators to learn how to help children experience wonder outdoors.

You can sign up to be informed of upcoming workshops below.  To learn more about NatureSummit, please visit their website at

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