Manitoba EcoJournal: Northern Sun Farm Ecovillage

I recently interviewed Gerhard Decker about the Northern Sun Farm Coop ecovillage.  This interview, together with photos of Northern Sun Farm, can be found in the Spring edition of the Manitoba EcoNetwork EcoJournal.  He talks about what it’s like living in an ecovillage in Manitoba and the challenges of living off-grid in our climate.  You can find the journal available at the EcoNetwork’s offices above Mountain Equipment Coop on Portage Ave (3-303 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB).

Who will lead a new learning culture?

I contemplate about being a Dad in this post on the Aquarian website.  It’s very easy to sink into videogames and screen time with boys.  Thing is, I don’t want that for my youngest son.  I want him to be healthy, and to enjoy balanced relationships all through his life and for him to unfold naturally.  This means that our very culture has to change.