HIIT Yoga – Day 1

I don’t think I have ever felt so out of shape doing yoga, and man I hurt afterwards, but it was great!  The intensity is a 30/20/10 series, and works my heart and makes me sweat.  This sort of exercise is exactly what I have been looking for.  I have found in the past that I really enjoy a good cardio session first thing in the morning.  This HIIT yoga while difficult, was awesome.  The rapid asana changes were into deep asanas that stretch a lot and require me to move fast.  There were a few I simply couldn’t do, which felt good.  (I like getting pushed out of my comfort zone in yoga.  I have been needing more challenge.)   It lasted thirty minutes and I loved it.  The instructor is articulate and on the ball.  He’s very tall too!  He dwarfs a regular sized yoga mat.

After I was all done, my knees were weak and my heart rate was up. What a great feeling!  I am looking forwards to tomorrow!

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