Trains and Treasures

Do your little ones like trains?  There’s a new business open on Ness near Sturgeon called Trains and Treasures that has an indoor train ride for kids.  At only $5 per ride, it’s an affordable weekend activity for the under-6 age group here in Winnipeg.  My family visited this past weekend, and had a great time.

We had heard about a ‘Train Party’ through the Kindermusik mailing list, and were really curious as to what exactly a ‘Train Party’ was.   Apparently there was an indoor train ride, and that alone was enough to pique some interest.  Sure enough, when we got there, it was in an old Safeway, and the oval track covered the entire indoor facility.  Kindermusic was set up with a couple people singing train songs (Think ‘500 Miles’), an instrument pad where people were introducing kids to small instruments, a photo booth and an information booth.

As far as Trains and Treasures, they had done a few rides over the Christmas holidays, but officially opened for business on February 1.  When we visited, there was a lego pit, an air filled castle with a slide for kids to jump on and a model train for kids to watch. Plus of course, the main attraction, the indoor train ride.  The treasures aspect of the name refers to a shared storefront where crafters and hobbyists can purchase shelf space to sell their products.

They are clearly still in the process of getting the business going, but it was a fantastic discovery that is a great indoor activity during the cold Winnipeg winter months.  We will definitely be going back.

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