Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

An oldie from my April 12, 2007 entry on LiveJournal.   Seems oddly relevant for today.

Right now the Mystery Machine is stuck between two pairs of tracks.  The first, is a runaway president.  It’s horn is loud, scary and we can’t tell if it’s a freight train or a caboose, but there’s lots of smoke and definitely oil cars.  The second–and this is one in the distance–is one of climate change, the smoke from the first obscuring some of it, but we can begin to make out a long freight train approaching.

The Mystery Machine doesn’t start, and it’s not going to.  These old vans moves verrrry slowly on their own.  However, you can’t just leave the van and run, because unfortunately, it’s our reality.  We don’t have a backup plan, yet.

What’s the choice people are forgetting in their panic?  To get out of the Mystery Machine and push.

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