Gee, where did September go?

It’s mid-October as I write this, and so much has changed already.  The leaves have fallen (overnight), we’ve been through a good several weeks already of low single-digit weather, and our house is beginning to look rather empty.  The newsletter I produce was renamed from ‘The Co-Creator’ to ‘Our Co-Creators’ as I wanted to give it a more inclusive name.  With the theme of ‘children’ this third issue has received a lot of attention.  It was at NatureSummit on September 14-16.  The article with Rowan Dakota received the most attention our website has ever seen, which was exciting!  October has breezed by before I have finished this post, so I need to wrap this up.

The family is gearing up for a big change too.  I plan to write about this very soon.

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