For my birthday, I want you to visualize.

Yeah, today’s the big, Four-Oh.  It’s crazy to think that I’m actually this old sometimes.  At the same time, I’m also happier.  Things in my personal life are pretty damn good, considering where once was.

Early this week, the internet exploded with images that evoke horrors that kick parents in the gut.  The weaponization of children is one of those things that can send a decent, respectful person into an emotional tailspin.  I’ve been there and clawed my way out.  I’ve had my kid weaponized against me, and the legal system threaten to drown me.  The utter lack of empathy for a child and willingness to completely disrespect the emotional needs of a child can hit like swallowing an acid bath.  The callowness and vile of certain humans can be deeply unsettling.  I discovered the hard way, that to a narcissist, other people’s emotions don’t exist.  Even children are there to be manipulated and used to the narcissists own ends.

But this blog post isn’t about narcissists.  It’s about finding hope and empowerment when the darkest of human nature comes out.

So here’s what I want for my birthday.  I want you to take information from the images, and as clear as you can, picture yourself walking through the cages. You can be whoever or whatever you want as you do this visualization.  You could be Iron Man busting through the ceiling.  Maybe you’re the Buddha, floating through on a cloud, or the Doctor, teleporting in with your Tardis.  Or an angel bringing in heavenly music.  It doesn’t matter.

Once you’re there, open your heart.  Open your hands.  Open your mind.  Send in positive vibes, healing energy, calming effects, whatever it is that you get from this image you are picturing yourself as.  For just a moment, take a moment to set aside the horror you feel, and send those kids some love.

The point here is to do some mental activity that reduces both your own stress, and possibly, just possibly, reduces the stress those kids are feeling.  If you can, include those heartbroken parents too, because they need it too.

If you can do this, I would consider you having given a gift.  It’s not a gift to me that I want, but rather a gift of calm, loving attention those kids need.   And if you could, do it again.  And again.  As we do this, let’s also remember to be unattached to the results.


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