Reflections of NatureSummit

This past September I had the pleasure of experiencing something new for the first time. I was a little young at it, a little naïve and very hopeful.

After experience in the many fields that comprise ecovillages, I assembled a workshop based on that knowledge and wisdom. Someone had made the comment that it would be neat to see a workshop on the philosophy behind these communities. Enthused with the suggestion, I began pulling material together from the visits my family had to several different communities.

In September, I presented this workshop at NatureSummit for the very first time. While it was not my first time in front of people, or even presenting, rather it was my first time presenting my own material at a large organized event.

I learned a lot! I definitely need to wean myself away from reading the material. But people seemed to like my material and my message.

NatureSummit itself was beautiful. Prior to the event I had only walked through the grounds to acquaint myself with the area once before. The human presence in the woods and trails brought a vibrancy to the forest, a hopeful, bright sense of potential.

Being a presenter my attendance fees for the day that I presented were waived. I was there in the morning for Jeff Reading’s keynote speech, which was pivotal all on its own. It was very refreshing to hear someone be hard hitting and talk straight facts about climate change, even if it’s unpopular. I really enjoyed the keynote, and had a chance to talk to him afterwards. I was floored that he knew about the Gaia Trust, and had been to Findhorn in Scotland. My workshop was immediately after his keynote in the same space. After his blunt truths of problems, I felt great to be able to say Hey, here’s some solutions. There are people on their own paths that are making a difference.

Jeff Reading

I must say I was a little nervous leading up to my workshop. But when everyone was seated for it, there were nine people there. This was totally doable. I had been worried there would be twenty or more, which is a lot more intense!

The presentation went off without a hitch. The computer provided worked with my files just fine. People were engaged, asked questions, and the discussion afterward was inspiring. One of the attendants came up to me at lunch and we talked awhile about possibilities for ECEs in an ecovillage environment. Those possibilities are endless and very exciting to talk about.

After my workshop I had the opportunity to attend a workshop. I chose Earth Mandalas, and it was very relaxing. It was wonderful to reacquaint with a deeper intuition at a child-focused event.

20160917_124824-01.jpegI stayed for the day, and found myself greatly enjoying the event. It gave me a welcoming feeling of being in the right place at the right time. People were focused on something that I feel is very important; children and their interaction with nature. To me, this is a big part of the collective healing process our North American culture needs. It was revitalizing to have a direct participation in that process. I came away from it having matured in my presentation abilities, less naïve but even more hopeful. I discovered that I really like talking about the positive developments that are taking place in this world. There is so much good if we just look for it.

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