New Literature on Ecovillages in Manitoba

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past little while.  However, as of this past week or so, a great deal of material that I’ve been working on is starting to meet major milestones.  I have been designing and editing the print edition of ‘The Co-Creator’, and that has taken a great deal of concentration.  It is complete and published to the website! With that being finished, I am organizing a launch party to celebrate it’s completion and publication.  The people interviewed in The Co-Creator are as excited about ecovillages as I am, and they are happy to talk more about them at Sam’s Place.  Sam’s Place is a terrific little coffee shop and bookstore on Henderson Highway that has been very good to me.

I have been active with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network as well, attending a session on Social Enterprise a couple weeks ago. This network is a fantastic resource for ecovillages, especially as it pertains to creating businesses with the social good as their objective.  Being the second session I’ve been to, it’s the second time that I’ve come away feeling like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  What an exciting feeling!

My next focal point is going to be finishing up the advertising flyer for The Co-Creator.  I will share what that looks like shortly.  It should be pretty cool when it’s done.  As well, a component of this launch of The Co-Creator will be an indiegogo campaign for the costs associated with the print edition.  I will share more about that when it’s ready.

In the meantime, please check out the first issue of The Co-Creator, it’s theme being ecovillages.  You can discover more of the upcoming themes on it’s landing page on

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