As Millennial parents with a child under 5, there is a lot on our minds.  We grew up in a world that went from no computers to powerful pockets.   We have watched video games go from green and orange screens to light saber battles with cell phones.  Dad is more technologically inclined with his forays into the edges of computing with a Raspberry Pi, while Mom has fully kicked the Facebook habit.  Technology is something we both feel needs appropriate moderation.  As such, we are not inclined to put many photos of our son on the internet.

Today we prefer tabletop games, potlucks and visiting ecovillages.  We both grew up in the country, and feel the need to slow life down and reconnect with nature.  We’re not granola yet, but we definitely have a mission to make sure our boy has a long life during uncertain economic and environmental times.

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, you should check out the fiction that Jacob writes and the clothes that Julia makes.